Message from the President

In recent years, due to the remarkable economic growth of Southeast Asia, overseas expansion of Japanese companies has been actively considered.

What should we consider when expanding overseas? It is a barrier that stands in the way at the beginning.

After deciding the target country for expansion, it is an issue for many companies that regulations on the establishment of overseas corporations, tax affairs, and internal control of subsidiaries are discovered as ex-post issues.

We will support the solution of many problems of such companies.

We will realize the overall optimization of the Japanese parent company and overseas subsidiaries.


代表取締役 大西 康之




Engaged in consulting for establishing a local subsidiary in Vietnam at a consulting company in Vietnam.

Established Global Element Co., Ltd. after engaging in accounting audit work at a major audit corporation and gaining accounting experience in some listed companies.

Experienced as KPMG Azusa Audit Corporation

Certified Public Accountant (Registration No. 39156)

Tax accountant (registration number 143928)